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Political Science is devoted to the study of theory and practice across several fields of study, including Political Theory, American Politics, Comparative Politics, Public Law and Policy, and International Relations.

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Undergraduate Program

Students with a Political Science major enter careers in government at the local, state or federal level, urban planning, political campaigns, or policy-related fields of all kinds.

Some of our students work in the political process, including the burgeoning campaign field, public or private interest groups, or for lobbying organizations. Others go into teaching at all levels, journalism, business, and of course Government is a popular major for students interested in pursuing legal careers.

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Graduate Program

The primary aim of our program is to foster an understanding of government and politics in general and also to promote the development of analytic and other scholarly skills.

Our view of the discipline is broad and, in some respects traditional. We encourage students first to acquire a good foundation in basic course work and the tradition of political discourse along with some exposure to the many subfields of political science before pursuing more specialized interests.

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