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Partner with us

Partner with Sac State

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Sacramento State! This is your starting point for connecting with students and faculty for partnerships and projects.

What are you looking for?

Student Interns

Student Volunteers

Faculty or Student Project/Research Work

Alumni Partner

Professional Development Opportunities

Things to Know: Working with Sac State

Most classes plan at least one semester ahead, so the activity can be included in the course syllabus. This means planning at least six months in advance. In general, courses follow this timeline:

  • Projects for the Fall semester: Contact by April
  • Projects for the Spring semester: Contact by September

Service Learning and Academic Internship agreements for community partners must be completed by Sac State faculty or staff.

Partner with the Community Engagement Center

The Community Engagement Center works closely with local non-profits, schools, business and government agencies to build long-term, sustainable partnerships that promote service and engagement for Sacramento State students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Network Café

Network Café provides an opportunity for organizations to network, give interesting presentations, and exchange information in a relaxed environment with a meal.

Learn more about Network Café

Service Learning and Community Service Partnerships

Community partners complement faculty teaching by linking community-based experiences with classroom-based learning.

Service learning students can work with your organization in terms of direct service (e.g. tutoring, mentoring, etc.) and/or through project-based learning (e.g. the development of databases or websites, writing a grant or a marketing plan, etc.).

Volunteer Programs

The Community Engagement Center recruits Sac State students, faculty, staff and alumni in various community service activities throughout the year.

We have recruited volunteers to participate in the following:

  • Harvesting fruit to donate to local food banks
  • Planting a garden in a neighborhood that lacks access to fresh food
  • Painting houses in underserved, underrepresented communities
  • Registering people to vote in low-voter turnout communities

Please note, we do not recruit volunteers to participate in the following:

  • Endorsement of public officials/candidates
  • Political fundraisers/events
  • For profit companies

If you are an organization that needs volunteers for a community service event, please contact Sherell Branch, Volunteer/Program Specialist.