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Student Resources & Forms

  • Currently all forms are in via OnBase, unless specifically advised otherwise; incomplete forms will not be processed. (Very few forms are available in the department office.)
  • Please fill in all forms completely and accurately by TYPING all information. If not available, please use blue or black ink.
  • Please allow at least 72 hours after submission for forms to be processed. Wait times may be longer during cycles of high volume.
  • You can access OnBase from the MySacState Portal.

Advising & Major Declaration

Roadmaps and GE Worksheets

Suggested Curriculum Patterns


Internship CpE 195

To ENROLL in CPE 195, student must submit CPE 195 Internship Registration & Learning Agreement Form AND a copy of the current offer letter or extension letter.
In lieu of an offer letter, we would need a memo (on company letterhead). It needs to include employment range (which should at least coincide with the Fall semester start/end dates), #of hours per week, pay rate, description of job duties performed.

Email the forms AND offer letter to in ONE pdf file. If the CPE Coordinator has questions regarding the position, you will be emailed. Approval/enrollment process will take 1-2 weeks.

Important: Failure to submit will result in "RP" being assigned as your grade.

CO-OP CpE 195A

Please contact the ECS Career Center for enrollment instructions regarding the Cooperative Education Program (CO-OP). The liaison from ECS Career Center will work with dept staff for enrollment AFTER you complete the necessary steps.

To receive CREDIT for CPE 195A, student must submit (3) documents - 1 week before the end of the enrolled semester to

Important:Failure to submit will result in "RP" being assigned as your grade.

Fob Key Forms

For all Fob Key Requests - change name, ID, and date of graduation.

Substitution/Waiver Forms

Substitution/Waiver Forms can be found and submitted via OnBase in the MySacState Portal.

Graduate Forms

Applications for Graduation can be completed online. These forms can be found via OnBase in the MySacState portal. Write the list of substituted courses (if any) in the text box before submitting the application. For example, write course "A is substituted for B". All the substituted courses must be first approved by the CpE Coordinator.

Applications, Petitions, & Forms

  • Advising Form (Before 2018)
  • Advising Form (Fall 2021 and beyond)
  • Advancement To Candidacy Form

    This form lists the specific requirements (i.e., courses, exams, thesis/project) to be completed before a Master's degree can be awarded. Please fill in the form completely before seeing the CpE Graduate Advisor. This is a University form and can be found on the Graduate Studies Website Note: When typing the form, Subject refers to the course prefix - EEE, CpE, CSC etc. Course Number refers to the course taken 151, 250, 274, etc. So the Subject would be CpE and the Course Number would be 250

  • Application For Graduation

    Submit this form for graduation once your Advancement to Candidacy form has been approved. This is a University form and can be found on the Graduate Studies Website"

  • Classification Application

    Use this form to add or change your graduate degree objective. Transcripts from the bachelor's degree and any other coursework must be attached. This is a University form and can be found on the Graduate Studies Website

  • Completion of MS Thesis/Project Form
  • Continuous Enrollment Form

    Graduate students who have been advanced to candidacy and who have completed all course work must maintain the required active degree program status without additional University registration by enrolling in Continuous Enrollment through the College of Continuing Education. There are no units associated with this enrollment, but a College of Continuing Education fee equal to one unit is required. Such enrollment is valid as long as the student is within the time period allowed for the completion of the culminating experience requirement

  • Plan C Course Approval Form

    Please read the Plan C Guidelines before submitting the form. TYPE all information and submit it to the EEE/CpE Office

  • Topic Form

    Please TYPE on the form completely before seeing your Committee Chair (first reader). Once the form has been signed by your Committee Char bring it to the EEE Department Office for the Graduate Coordinator's approval. Note: To add CpE 500, please complete the EEE/CpE Add Permit and submit the Topic Form and the Add Permit to the EEE Department Office for approval. Note: You will NOT be added to EEE 500 without a completed topic form signed by your First Reader, Second Reader, and EEE Graduate Coordinator.

Letter Templates

If you require a letter from the CpE Program, please choose from the list below.
Incomplete or letters not completed properly will not be processed and returned to you for corrections.
Letters will take at least 7-10 business days after submission to be processed, especially during busy periods.

Step 1: You will need to fill in the requested information and save the document as a .pdf.

Step 2: Email the saved document AND current unofficial CSUS transcripts to (Subject Line: CPE request for {insert name of form} letter).

Step 3: The department will put on digital letterhead (if needed) and get Dr. Sun approval for you. You will be emailed when the letter is ready.