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For more information on accounting policies, procedures, training, and more, please visit the Accounting Services webpage. Information on how to contact Accounting Services is located here.

Accounts Payable & Travel

The Accounts Payable & Travel webpage has resources and information, including policies, procedures, and updates on travel.

Form Revision Date
Acrobat Sign Payment Approval - Direct Payment Request December 2022
Acrobat Sign Payment Approval - Invoice April 2021
Acrobat Sign Payment Approval - Reimbursement Request December 2022
Acrobat Sign User Guide - Direct Payment Request December 2022
Acrobat Sign User Guide - Invoice April 2021
Acrobat Sign User Guide - Reimbursement Request December 2022
Check Replacement Application - For Students & Vendors  February 2022
Check Replacement Application - Parent Plus Loan February 2022
Concur Cash Advance Setup Request August 2021
Disbursement Log for Gift Cards with samples August 2012
EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer July 2023
Generic Invoice Form March 2008
Hospitality Justification Form October 2023
Hospitality Justification Form - Concur Only Janurary 2024
Hospitaltiy Justification Form - User Guide  January 2024
Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver STD 236 July 2023
Missing Receipt Affidavit September 2019
Moving & Relocation Expense Worksheet April 2023
Travel Advance Check - Pick-up Authorization Form September 2021 
Travel Expense Justification - Domestic June 2022 
Travel Expense Justification - International Janurary 2016 
Travel Expense Justification - Samples July 2013 
Travel Policy Exception Justification May 2022
Travel Claim Worksheet for Non-Employee Travel (Reimb Req) - Travel After 12.31.23 NEW! Janurary 2023
Travel Worksheet for Non-Employee Travel (Reimbursement Req)-Travel Prior to 1.1.24 Jan 2023 
US Bank Concur Travel Card Application (Concur) May 2022
Vendor Data Record (204 Form) November 2017 


The Benefits Office webpage provides information and resources on faculty and staff health benefits, benefit FAQs, leaves of absence, COVID resources, and much more.

Budget Planning & Administration

Budget Planning & Administration partners with numerous campus entities, including the President, to develop and the Campus Operating Budget. They also ensure compliance and transparency by producing the university's annual report. They can be reached here.

Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office manages all of the university's cashiering needs, including refunds, financial aid disbursements, and payments to the university. Their website has resources for due dates, online payment options, and others. They can be reached here.


Form Revision Date
CapRadio Travel Request February 2024
CapRadio Direct Payment Request November 2023
CapRadio Reimbursement Request November 2023
CapRadio Travel Expense Claim January 2024

Central Receiving

The Central Receiving warehouse manages the delivery of packages to campus locations. Their website offers information on how campus personnel can track the status of their packages on campus.

Form Revision Date
Stock Received Report June 2016

Classification & Compensation

Classification & Compensation is part of Human Resources. Their role is to ensure consistency in classification and compensation processes, applicable laws, policies, and procedures. The department can be reached here.

Employee & Labor Relations

Employee & Labor Relations is part of Human Resources and works to improve the workplace environment, interpret policies and procedures, and fosters positive relationships between all university employees. Their website offers information on performance evaluations, the university telecommuting program, and much more. They can be reached here.

Employment Services

Employment Services is part of the Human Resources family and coordinates personnel policies. Their website provides information on new staff orientation and support regarding all recruitment activities for staff, managers, students, and even temporary hires. They are reached by email here.

OneCard Services

Form Revision Date
Department Approval for Employee OneCard August 2019
Gift Certificate Request March 2019
Mail-In Deposit Form October 2019
Refund Application October 2019
Vendor Discount Program August 2021

Property Management

Form Revision Date
Equipment Loss Report August 2018
Equipment Turn-in / Transfer Request August 2018
Equipment Check-Out / Online October 2019

Police Department

Form Revision Date
Alarm, Hardware and General IT Inquiry November 2023
Bicycle Registration October 2011
Citizen Complaint Form March 2023
Community Service Officer Application March 2023
Customer Service Survey December 2011
Lost and Found NA
Ride-a-Long Program Application December 2011

Records Management

Form Revision Date
Records Inventory Worksheet STD 70 May 1992
Records Transfer List STD 71 March 1996

Risk Management Services

 Risk Management Services Forms Revision Date
82020 Safety Hotline-Report a Hazard May 2021
Report of Incident or Accident January 2022
Environmental Health & Safety Forms Revision Date
Battery/Lights Pickup Request May 2021
Chemical Procurement Approval Form April 2023
Contractor Safety - Potential Hazard Notification February 2014
Hazardous Waste Pick-up Request May 2021
Hot Work Permit August 2017
Ionizing Radiation Use Authorization October 2002
Facilities Roof Maintenance Access Form August 2023
Roof Access Permit August 2023
Report of Campus Lighting Safety Concerns August 2023
Risk Management Forms Revision Date
Accident Identification Form STD 269 (Vehicle) October 2019
Accident Report Form STD 268 (Non-Vehicle) October 2019
Accident Report Form, STD 270 Vehicle Accident February 2021
Accident Report Form, STD 274 State Driver Accident Review October 2019
Certificate of Insurance Request September 2010
Driver Authorization Checklist-Faculty / Staff / Student Employees  October 2022
Driver Authorization Checklist-Non-Employee Student / Volunteer  October 2022
Driver Authorization Checklist-Homecoming Drivers  September 2021
Driver Authorization Process September 2021
Drone – Flight Approval Request Form January 2024
Foreign Travel Insurance Request Form May 2023
Minors on Campus Registration Form August 2021
Privately Owned Vehicles Use Authorization STD 261 October 2019
Release of Liability Waiver, Field Trip Student January 2011
Release of Liability Waiver, Field Trip Student-COVID 19 August 2022
Special Event Insurance Request February 2016
Vehicle Operation Authorization (VOA) September 2021
Workers' Compensation Forms Revision Date
Ergonomics Evaluation Request May 2021

University Print

Form Revision Date
Business Card Options June 2016
Envelope Options July 2013
Letterhead Options July 2013