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About the Undergraduate Business program

The College of Business has approximately 4,000 undergraduate business students whom we advise from impacted admissions process through graduation.

Its CBA Office of Student Engagement provides accurate, thorough, and concise information with efficiency. Ensuring the timely graduation of our students is a great priority.

Major Requirements

All business students must take the major core classes as part of their Business Administration degree. In order to be eligible to enroll in the majority of the major core classes a student must be admitted into the upper division major.

Major core classes should be taken concurrently with concentration courses. Many concentrations have prerequisites from the Major Core. All courses in the lower division/computer literacy requirement, major core and concentrations need to be completed with a minimum C- grade while maintaining a 2.0 GPA in each area.

The College of Business Administration has policies and procedures that are unique to our college. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the policies. Please visit the following link for the 3 most common policies. CBA Policies and Procedures.

Major Core

24 units of coursework in the major core apply to all concentrations.

“Gateway Courses”

Sequencing of Upper Division Business Major courses matter!

Students in all concentrations should be aware of and try to take the "gateway" courses in their area as soon as possible, as they impede your ability to progress through the program in a timely manner. Prerequisite requirements for required major core and concentration classes are typically noted in parenthesis in the University Catalog.

Major Core Course Name Pre-requisite(s)
DS 101 Data Analysis for Managers Math 24 and STAT. Do Not delay taking DS 101
HROB 101 Management of Contemporary Organizations  
FIN 101 Business Finance  
MGMT 102 Business Communications  
MIS 101 Computer Information Systems for Management  
MKTG 101 Principles of Marketing  
OPM 101 Operations Management DS 101 co-requisite
GM 105 Strategic Management OPM 101, plus completion of all major core courses except MIS 101
Gateway course Concentration Additional Requirements 
MKTG 101 Marketing  
FIN 101 Finance  
ACCY 111 Accounting  
HROB 154 Human Resources HROB 151, 152 and 153
  MIS Seek advising early in your career.

Concentrations in Business

The College of Business Administration (CBA) offers a broad, professional education in business. Students working toward the BS degree must select at least one of the 10 concentrations that are offered.

In addition to concentration courses, Business Administration students must also complete the Major Core requirements. Concentration courses should be taken concurrently with the Major Core after you enter the major. Many concentrations have prerequisites from the Major Core.

In order to advance into the upper division major/concentration, students are required to complete the computer literacy and lower division business requirements. You must submit an application to the upper division major through the Impaction process to move into the upper division major/concentration.

Concentration courses must be completed with a minimum C- grade, while maintaining a 2.0 average in the concentration.

Minors in Business

The College of Business Administration offers various options for student wishing to pursue a minor in Business Administration. The first of the minors offered is a 24 unit minor in Business Administration for a student not majoring in Business Administration. The remaining minors are specialized business minors that are open to business majors and majors outside of Business Administration. A business student may complete a specialized minor as long as it is not the same as their concentration.

General Minor

Specialized Minors

A student wishing to minor in the College of Business Administration must file a minor request petition.

Road to Graduation

Whether you began your college career at Sacramento State or transferred from another college (or colleges), all students are required to satisfy:

  • University General Education & Graduation requirements
  • Business Program requirements

Students should familiarize themselves with these requirements as soon as possible in order to plan their college careers. Current General Education and Graduation requirements can be found in the University Catalog.

One way to check on your General Education progress is to review your Academic Requirements in your Student Center. This report attempts to assess your progress in both General Education and in your Major. Please keep in mind that the report may not always accurately read coursework for the Business major if the courses were taken at another institution (or if the transcripts have not been received or were recently received).

If you have questions about General Education Academic Requirements, please see Academic Advising in Lassen Hall. Questions related to the Business major should be directed to the Undergraduate Advising Center in Tahoe Hall 1030, (916) 278-2499.

General Education Requirements

Please keep in mind that at least 9 units of General Education (3 courses) must be completed at the Upper Division level (approved junior/senior level classes at Sacramento State numbered "100-199"). The list of approved courses can be found in the University Catalog.

This means that even if you completed all of your General Education "Area" requirements (A,B,C,D,E) at another college, at least 3 more courses must be completed at Sacramento State (courses must be approved General Education courses numbered 100-199). At least one of the 3 courses must be an approved "Writing Intensive" course.

Minimum Requirement Policies

Performance Requirements

All lower division and upper division business courses must be passed with a C- or better with the exception of MATH 24 which requires a minimum acceptable grade of “C”.

Disqualification from the Business Major

Students whose Sac State or overall GPA falls below 2.0 may be disqualified from the business major. As a result, they will not be able to enroll in any business courses until they have been readmitted.

Returning to the Business Major

The Academic Standards Policy of the College of Business Administration requires all disqualified students to reapply (i.e., submit an application) to the business major once they are back in good standing with the university. Students seeking readmission will be ranked by their Sacramento State and lower division business GPAs among all other applicants through the impaction process.

Minimum 120-unit to Graduate

It is rare for a business major to be short of the 120 unit requirement for graduation with a bachelor’s degree. It may happen in rare cases when a student has been very efficient choosing general education courses along with their major courses. In order to be sure you will reach 120 units, all you need to do it determine the units you have remaining and then add that to the number of units you have completed.

You can see how many units you have completed by reviewing your Unofficial Transcript in your Student Center. Be sure to account for repeats and transfer credit that might not yet have transferred when calculating your units.

Important Academic Policies

Course Repeat Policy

College of Business Administration lower division and upper division major requirements may be repeated twice (for a total of three [3] attempts – 2nd and 3rd attempts will be averaged). If a required course is not completed with a minimum acceptable grade in three attempts, the student may not continue in the business major.

Currency of Knowledge Requirement

Upper Division courses used to satisfy graduation requirements must have been completed within ten (10) years of the date of graduation.