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Staff Tech Highlights

Welcome (or welcome back)!

Whether in-person, hybrid, or remote, however you're working we’ve rounded up the essential technology resources, links, and support you need.

Top 5 Checklist

  1. Logged into My Sac State (and your Employee Center) with your Sac State (SacLink) account and authenticated with Duo?
  2. Connected to eduroam, the campus Wi-Fi?
  3. Opened and explored your SacState Microsoft 365 tools like Outlook and OneDrive? (tip: always use M365 OneDrive to ensure your computer is backed up!)
  4. Downloaded the free Sac State Mobile app?
  5. Brushed up on cybersecurity? (it's phishing season year-round - learn how to spot and report scams)

Essentials for Fall 2024

Is your ENS Contact Information Current?

A new semester often brings other changes. Make sure we can always alert you in the event of an emergency by checking and/or updating your Emergency Notification System (ENS) contact information including phone numbers and email addresses.

Verify ENS Contact Information

Dial '7' for Outbound Calls

For public safety reasons, we've officially changed the dial out number from '9' to '7' for outbound/off-campus calls for all Avaya desktop phones and softphones. Why? When dialing the standard '9' then '1' then the area code and phone number, folks frequently accidentally hit a second '1' which results in a '911' call/hang-up which Campus Police must investigate each time it occurs. The '7' is already activated, and the '9' will be discontinued on February 15.

And remember, the switch to '7' only impacts campus desk and softphones, and not your personal phones.

Workstation Refresh

laptop graphicWe continue to work with colleges and divisions to provide updated laptops, docking stations and monitors for campus staff and faculty.

Strategically moving away from fixed desktop computers in favor of a laptop standard will help ensure continuity in all circumstances.

Resources to manage your SacLink (Sac State) account, see password reset options, enroll in Duo multi-factor authentication, and learn about your Employee Center on My Sac State.

Manage My Campus Account

Duo Housekeeping

Switch to Duo Mobile App

If you're still having your Duo authentication calls sent to a campus desk phone or mobile phone, we encourage you to switch to the easier option of the Duo mobile app. Most of us always have our mobile devices on us, which makes it possible to authenticate anywhere we are - a huge plus with our often hybrid work schedules.

How to Switch to Duo Mobile App

Need to Add a New Device?

Do you have a new device (or need to change) for your Duo authentication process? Follow these steps to add a new device:

Add New Device to Duo

Duo Flooding Scam

duo-is-that-you.jpgA new phishing scheme involves a scammer sending you a Duo push notification you didn't originate, which may mean your Sac State account has been compromised. Don't accept any unusual Duo pushes - and follow these tips to protect yourself from Duo flooding scams.

Report Phishing

phishme-outlook-graphic.pngCyberattacks hit inboxes frequently - brush up on what to look for at our online phishing resources, and be sure to report anything suspicious using the PhishMe Reporter button in your Outlook menu.

Internet Connection Options

Your devices should automatically recognize and connect to eduroam, our official campus internet. If you have new devices - or just new to being on campus - our campus wireless section covers device-specific connection instructions. Pro tip: Depending on the age of your personal device(s) you bring to campus, you may need some driver updates to ensure your devices (laptops and mobile phones) can tap in.

Working remotely? You can explore off-campus alternatives, too:

Campus Wireless & Remote Internet Options

View Campus Wi-Fi Map

AI & Technology Tools

logo: onbase

You're familiar with essentials like Zoom, Microsoft 365, OnBase, and Acrobat Sign, but how can learn about all campus-supported tools - and new AI-enabled tools?

Our searchable Software & Tools Catalog is your go-to for helpful how to's and other get-started resources:

Software & Tools Catalog

Software Training & Resources

January and February sessions available! Are you new to (or need a refresher) on essential tools such as Acrobat Sign or OnBase? Bookmark helpful resources and/or attend an upcoming virtual training session:

Acrobat Sign Resources & Training

OnBase Resources & Training

Hybrid Meetings

Web Conferencing Tools

graphic: hybrid meeting tips staff faculty flyer

Hosting hybrid meetings? Here are helpful best practices for scheduling, attending, and how to use advanced features including live transcription for accessibility.

Hybrid Meetings: How To's for Hosting & Attending

Get Support

Either contact your area IT Consultant (ITC) or connect with the IRT Service Desk Team: