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Academic Programs: Overview

Welcome to the College of Health and Human Services (HHS) Academic Programs. HHS houses nine academic departments which include undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. The college holds programs with diverse methods of declaring and obtaining admission into the majors. You may find the university policy on declaring a major below:

Declaration of Major Policy

Undergraduate programs

HHS has eight undergraduate programs. Considering we are one of the largest colleges at Sacramento State, several of our programs are impacted or in high demand. Therefore, individual departments may have selected to set their programs as impacted or Pre-Major which require specific courses to be completed prior to being fully admitted and/or declared into the program. There are also programs which allow direct admission into the major.

Direct Admission

When applying to Sacramento State through CSU Apply, selecting one of the following programs Communication Science and Disorders, Kinesiology (all five concentrations), Recreation Administration (both concentrations) will grant admission without any additional supplemental documentation.

Communication Science and Disorders (CSAD)

The Bachelor of Science in Communication Science and Disorders requires 12-13 units of lower-division prerequisites courses to be taken during the first two years at Sacramento State. CSAD is designed for students to begin their upper division coursework in the fall semester.

CSAD Website

CSAD Four-year Roadmap

Health Science

Effective Fall 2020, Sacramento State will offer a new Bachelor of Science in Health Science. The new degree program prepares students for a variety of roles within the allied health professions. The new Health Science degree is the new pathway into the traditional pre-licensure Nursing program.

Health Science Website

Health Science Four-year Roadmap


Effective Fall 2020 the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology includes five concentrations. The five concentrations include: Athletic Administration, Athletic Care, Athletic Coaching Education, Physical Activity and Wellness, and Physical Education/Teacher Education.

Kinesiology Website

Four-year Roadmaps:

Athletic Administration

Athletic Care

Athletic Coaching Education

Physical Activity & Wellness

Physical Education/Teacher Education

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration

The department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration (RPTA) offer two programs. The Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration (Recreation and Park Management) and (Recreation Therapy. They also offer a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

RPTA Website

Four-year Roadmaps:

Recreation & Park Management

Recreation Therapy

Hospitality & Tourism Management


HHS has three Pre-Major programs which include, Exercise Science, Public Health, and Social Work. Pre-major programs allow students to declare into their pre-major and once completing the department’s set prerequisites which may include: specific grade requirements, specific GPA requirements, and specific course requirements.

Once completing set prerequisite requirements a student may obtain the necessary signature on a Change of Major form to then submit to the Office of the Registrar to update their academic record.

The following programs hold the Pre-Major status:

Exercise Science

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science offers two options for students: 1) Health Fitness/Strength Conditioning and 2) Clinical Exercise & Rehabilitation. You may find the four-year roadmap below as well as their direct department website.

Exercise Science Website

Exercise Science Four-year Roadmap

Public Health

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health offers three concentrations for students: Community Health Education (CHE), Health Care Administration (HCA), and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). You may find their four-year roadmaps for each of their concentrations as well as their direct department website.

Public Health Website

Four-year Roadmaps:

Community Health Education

Health Care Administration

Occupational Health and Safety

Social Work

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work requires a B or better in the 9 units of lower-division prerequisite courses to be taken during the first two years at Sacramento State. SWRK is designed for students to begin their upper division coursework in the fall semester.

Social Work Website

Social Work Four-year Roadmap

Impacted Major

The Chancellor's Office of the California State University has granted Criminal Justice and Nursing impaction status for their undergraduate degrees. Students applying to the Criminal Justice or Nursing are required to submit a supplemental application.

Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is the largest program in the College of HHS.

Crimainl Justice Website

Criminal Justice Four-year Roadmap


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing has two different pathways to obtain a BSN.

Traditional Pre-Licensure/Health Science: Please note- beginning Fall 2020, students who declare Nursing as their major of interest on the Cal State Apply application and who are selected for admission to the university will be admitted as a Health Science major, the new pathway into the traditional pre-licensure Nursing program

School of Nursing Website

Nursing Four-year Roadmap


Graduate Programs

There are seven programs in HHS that offer graduate programs. HHS also houses the Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

There is a two-step process to apply to any graduate program. You must apply to the university (through CSU apply) as well as complete any supplemental application and documentation required by the department. Please make sure to visit the following department websites, along with Graduate Studies website available below:

Graduate Studies

Communication Science & Disorders

Criminal Justice



Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration

Social Work