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Department of Public Policy & Administration College Of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

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PPA Syllabus Archive

Syllabi 2021-2022

Semester PPA Course Syllabi
Fall PPA 200 Intro to PPA 
Welcome memo
  PPA 205 Research
  PPA 220A Applied Econ Analysis I 
  PPA 230 Public Budgeting 
  PPA 240A Public Mgmt & Adm 
  PPA 272 Collab. Governance Advanced Practice
  PPA 500 Culminating Experience 
  HONR 120 01 Honors One World 
Spring PPA 207 Quantitative Methods 
  PPA 210 Pol Env Policy Making 
  PPA 220B Applied Econ Analysis II 
  PPA 240B Public Mgmt & Adm 
  PPA 270 Collaborative Policy 
  PPA 297AB Executive Fellows 
  PPA 298AB Judicial Adm Fellows 
  PPA 500 Culminating Experience

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