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UGSE Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaching

The Academic Success Coaching program is designed to address barriers to course completion and success by providing academic and social support tailored to students’ needs. We offer one-on-one appointments to assist with problem-solving and accessing resources throughout the semester. All students currently enrolled in EDUC, CHAD, and/or DEAF courses are eligible for Academic Success Coaching. Complete this short survey to make an appointment with an Academic Success Coach.

Success Coaches can help with:

  • Developing strategies for course completion.
    Coaches can work with students to get back on track in course(s) in which they are experiencing challenges.
  • Problem-solving and prioritizing needs related to academic success.
    Students may have multiple issues and may not know what to tackle first. A coach can help to prioritize and develop a plan of action.
  • Accessing resources.
    Coaches can provide linkages and referrals to campus resources, including counseling, basic needs (CARES), academic tutoring, and/or academic advising.
  • Navigating University processes.
    Coaches are friendly guides and advocates who can assist with forms and approvals.
  • Communicating with faculty and staff
    Coaches can help students with appropriate communication with faculty and campus departments.

While Academic Success Coaching is a good first stop resource for students with academic and/or personal challenges, it is not a therapy nor a direct tutoring program. Instead, Academic Success Coaches can refer you to appropriate resources and act as advocate around navigating interactions with University departments, programs, and faculty.

Complete this short survey to make an appointment with an Academic Success Coach

Additional Academic and Social Support Resources

Counseling and Wellness Resources

Crisis Resources

Crisis Hotlines:

Crisis Text Line
Text Home to 741741

National Suicide Prevention

Disaster Distress Helpline
Text Talk With Us to 66746

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Hotline

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Student Equity and Affinity Groups

The groups listed below offer spaces that enrich identity and belonging, where students can build relationships and connections and access services and resources.