Chem 133 - Chemical Instrumentation
Spring, 2016

Note:  Some of the materials listed will be updated throughout the semester.  I will try to indicate if materials are updated and when they are updated due to correction of errors or other changes.


Lab Schedule

First 15 pages of Lab Manual

First Homework Set (notes: the format is somewhat different than the handout and it has links to solutions; also the link to the data for the first problem has been moved to here) (updated to correct errors 2/10)

Term Project Document

Link to my past classes website (has materials from the Spring, 2015 class))

Quiz Solutions

1/26 Lecture Notes

1/26 Lab Lecture Notes

1/28 Lecture Notes

2/2 Lecture Notes (note last two slides are for lab)

2/4 Lecture Notes

2/9 Lecture Notes


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