Chem 133 - Chemical Instrumentation
Spring, 2014

Note:  Some of the materials listed will be updated throughout the semester.  I will try to indicate if materials are updated and when they are updated due to correction of errors or other changes.


Note: Rubinson and Rubinson Text (Contemporary Instrumental Analysis) is available on 2 hour reserve in the library and a copy of the electronics chapter is available in the Chemistry Department Office

Lab Schedule

Homework Set 1 (for Exam 1)

Week of March 3 - changes in schedule:

Monday office hours moved to 1 to 1:30 and 4:00 to 4:30pm (because I have a help session for Chem 31 from 12 to 1)

Tuesday office hours moved to 10:00 to 11:00 (I have a meeting from 11 to 12)

After exam, we will attend a research presentation from 3:30 to 4:30 instead of the first hour of lab

Exam 1 from Spring 2013 and key to that exam

Solutions to Exam 1

Homework Set 2

Exam 2 from Spring 2013 and key to that exam

Solutions to Exam 2

Quiz Solutions

First 15 pages of Lab Manual

1/28 Lab Lecture (on data analysis)

2/13 Lab Lecture (on GC-MS lab)

2/18 Lab Lecture (on FTIR lab)

1/28/14 Lecture Notes (updated slide 10 so that proportion of grade for quizzes and homework matches syllabus)

1/30/14 Lecture Notes

2/4/14 Lecture Notes

2/6/14 Lecture Notes

2/11/14 Lecture Notes

2/13/14 Lecture Notes

2/18/14 Lecture Notes

2/20/14 Lecture Notes

2/25/14 Lecture Notes (updated to change office hours for 3/3 week)

2/27/14 Lecture Notes

3/6/14 Lecture Notes

3/11/14 Lecture Notes (note: I hope to update the announcements before class)

3/13/14 Lecture Notes

3/18/14 Lecture Notes

3/20/14 Lecture Notes

4/1/14 Lecture Notes

4/3/14 Lecture Notes

4/8/14 Lecture Notes

4/10/14 Lecture Notes

4/15/14 Lecture Notes


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