Chem 133 - Chemical Instrumentation
Spring, 2017

Note:  Some of the materials listed will be updated throughout the semester.  I will try to indicate if materials are updated and when they are updated due to correction of errors or other changes.

DIVISION OF ONLINE MATERIALS: (note: this may change at some point)

This website: lecture materials - except for quiz, homework, and exam keys

SacCT - for Section 1 - lecture grading and quiz, homework and exam keys

Sac CT (Blackboard) site

SacCT - for Section 2 (lab) - lab materials and grading

Syllabus (updated to change office hours)

Homework Set 1 (updated to include whole set 1)

Notes on graded homework, quizzes, and exams: solutions are posted on SacCT

Homework Set 2 (updated 3/16)

First parts of lab manual (made available until lab manual is at bookstore)

Link to my past classes website (materials from the Spring, 2016 and Spring, 2015 classes)

1/24 Lecture Slides

1/26 Lecture Slides

1/31 Lecture Slides

2/2 Lecture Slides

2/7 Lecture Slides

2/9 Lecture Slides

2/14 Lecture Slides

2/16 Lecture Slides

2/21 Lecture Slides

2/23 Lecture Slides

2/28 Lecture Slides

3/2 Lecture Slides

3/9 Lecture Slides

3/14 Lecture Slides

3/16 Lecture Slides


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