Chem 133 - Chemical Instrumentation
Spring, 2017

Note:  Some of the materials listed will be updated throughout the semester.  I will try to indicate if materials are updated and when they are updated due to correction of errors or other changes.

DIVISION OF ONLINE MATERIALS: (note: this may change at some point)

This website: lecture materials - except for quiz, homework, and exam keys

SacCT - for Section 1 - lecture grading and quiz, homework and exam keys

Sac CT (Blackboard) site

SacCT - for Section 2 (lab) - lab materials and grading

Syllabus (updated to change office hours)

Homework Set 1 (updated to include whole set 1)

Notes on graded homework and quizzes: solutions are posted on SacCT

First parts of lab manual (made available until lab manual is at bookstore)

Link to my past classes website (materials from the Spring, 2016 and Spring, 2015 classes)

1/24 Lecture Slides

1/26 Lecture Slides

1/31 Lecture Slides

2/2 Lecture Slides

2/7 Lecture Slides

2/9 Lecture Slides

2/14 Lecture Slides

2/16 Lecture Slides

2/21 Lecture Slides

2/23 Lecture Slides


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