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BIO 2 Lab

Cells, Molecules, and Genes


Notebook Instructions

Laboratory Safety




BIO 121

Molecular and Cell Biology


Exam1 version1

Sp2012  Course Material

Exam1 version2



BIO 121

BIO 121 Lab

Cell Physiology


Fa2009 Lect/Lab

Sample Exam

Exam1, 28Sep2010

Sp2010 Lect/Lab


Exam 2, 05Apr2011

Fa2010 Lect/Lab

Lab Manual

Exam 3, 05May2011

Sp2011 Lect/Lab



BIO 130






Spring 2005

Sample Exam

Exam 1 22Feb2006

Spring 2006





Exam 2 05Apr2006






Exam 3 10May2006




BIO 143

General Virology










BIO 149A

Immunology & Serology

Fall 2009

Sample Exam

Exam1, 29Sep2010

Fall 2010

Paper for Exam1

Exam2, 01Nov2010

Summer 2011

Paper for Exam3

Exam3, 03Dec2010

Fall 2011



BIO 180

Molecular Biology



Fall 2008

Sample Exam

Exam1, 04Oct2010

Fall 2009

Sample dsDNA

Exam2, 03Nov2010

Fall 2010


Exam3, 08Dec2010

Fall 2011



BIO 183

Cancer Biology




Fall 2006

Sample Exam

Exam 1, 23Feb2011

Fall 2007


Exam 2, 06Apr2011

Spring 2010

Scientific Article for Final Exam

Exam 3, 11May2011

Spring 2011

Guest lecture exam 1

Guest lecture exam 3


BIO 220 Research Methods in Biological Sciences

Spring 2006

Hurlbert Pseudoreplication

Oksanen's paper

Hurlbert rebuttal to Oksanen

Cell and Molecular papers

Faculty Speakers



BIO 222



Fall 2004

Sample Exam

Fall 2006


Fall 2010 articles


Fall 2011



BIO 247

Contemporary Topics in Immunology

Spring 2010

Articles for Exam1: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Exam 1, 17Feb2010

Presentation Schedule

Presentation Topics

Exam2: 8,9,10,11,12

Exam 2, 15Mar2010


Exam3: reviewA,B


Exam 3, 12Apr2010

BIO 294G

Seminar in Cell Biology

Fall 2003

NSM 21

Freshman Seminar

Fall 2006